our Story

1983: Birth of a Vision

Having observed the streets of Jakarta, Mr. Pardi, sensed an opportunity. With ambition and foresight, he established PT. Golden Cahaya Semesta. Rattan became the lifeblood of this venture, finding eager markets in Taiwan and Germany. It was the beginning of an iconic journey in the world of Indonesian rattan craftsmanship.

1990: Spreading Roots

The ’90s saw PT. Golden Cahaya Semesta spreading its tendrils further. New markets beckoned, partnerships blossomed, and the company’s footprints expanded globally. This decade marked a robust phase of growth, diversification, and a keen understanding of global aesthetics.

1998: Endurance through Turbulence

When Indonesia faced socio-political upheavals, the tremors were felt throughout the market. Sales took a hit, but under Pardi’s indomitable leadership, PT. Golden Cahaya Semesta braced itself against the tide, ensuring the legacy lived on.

2000: Embracing the Contemporary

Entering the new millennium, PT. Golden Cahaya Semesta redefined its portfolio. The designs evolved, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance, resonating with a broader audience.

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2007: A Halt, Not the End

The global financial meltdown brought operations to a standstill. While production paused, Pardi’s spirit did not. He repurposed the factory, sheltering other rattan entrepreneurs, ensuring the craft’s flame kept burning.

2015: Legacy Beyond Borders

The factory turned into a crucible of knowledge. Pardi’s vast expertise became a beacon for budding rattan enthusiasts. New entrepreneurs and craftsmen sought his mentorship, ensuring the artistry and ethos of rattan craftsmanship continued to flourish.

2023: Rebirth & Renaissance

This year marked a turning point. Michael, imbued with his father’s passion and armed with a fresh perspective, spearheaded the rebranding. Together, father and son unveiled NusaRattana Grup Internasional. More than a mere name, it was a renewed pledge, a promise to uphold and elevate the world of rattan.

Join us in this epic tale of resilience, vision, and passion. Every twist in our timeline stands as a beacon of our commitment, our legacy, and our undying love for rattan.